no more excuses for snape, he is a massive dickwad. yeah he did a nice thing with all the double agent shit but that doesnt justify the fact that he tormented a child from the age of 11 fuCKING ELEVEN to the point where he was more scared of him than anything else in…

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This is a Scottish anti-rape PSA that is a direct response to blaming a rape victim for dressing like a slut. What do you think? Is it effective?

Never have I seen such an effective video in my life… and it’s only 30 seconds long. Definitely, 100% watch and reblog this.

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feminine protection by Daphne Gottlieb


TW: violence

oh honey honey I’m telling you — a woman’s work is never
done. why that guy who gave me the once-over twice
pumping his hands under his overcoat —
well, his eyes don’t open so well
since I sprayed him in the face with my
Miss Lady Aerosol Pump Superhold Formula Hairspray

and then that guy who felt me up on the subway, well —
blame it on my Lady Eve Press-on Manicure Nails in Sin Red
and something about that kind of fruit, why
that adam’s apple just fell right out
ripe and red into my hand

and that guy on the corner calling me everyday
with his hey baby baby doncha wanna baby baby
doncha wanna piece of me

and I said yeah baby baby yeah I wanna piece of you
and took off a one-inch slab of his tongue
with my Non-slip Grip Lady Schick

and oh those guys who tried to jump
me on the way home oh don’t you know
these things always end in tears
I was so sorry to lose my favorite pair of Foxy Lady
Five-inch Patent Leather Spike Heels — it’s going
to be a while before I get over that one

but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do
and don’t even start me on what happened
the night that guy broke into my sanitary
pad it took me hours to clean off my Curling
Iron, my Nail File, my Tweezers, my Just-For-Me
Sandal Toe Queen Size Control Tops are still hanging out to dry

and what with all the screaming
I’m lucky I didn’t get caught red-
handed with my Pink Comfort-Tip
Scented Double-Barrel Super-Plus Sawed-
Off Tampax but Thank God for
feminine protection.

A girl never knows when she’s gonna need
to soak up some blood.

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reasons why jim beaver is a+

Because women are weak and completely helpless right? fuck this post yo

  #it’s not about women being ‘weak’ or ‘helpless’ #which they aren’t #it’s about real fears that women have to deal with everyday #including me #it’s about how i carry my keys in my hand on the way home #it’s about how i have pepper spray in my pocket when i leave the house #it’s about how i try to not walk around by myself at night #it’s about how i always have a sense of precaution around strange men #the amount of times i’ve been harassed by strange men in public is astronomical #invading my personal space #giving me unwanted compliments #getting called a bitch when i ask them to leave me alone #most men feel like they have this entitlement with women #and jim beaver doesn’t and CONSCIOUSLY makes an effort to make women around him feel more comfortable #SO YEAH #he’s fucking a+ #so fuck you yo  
it’s about the fact that i feel really uncomfortable  when someone gives me a compliment on the street at night. how i think about i think i might have to get off the bus early so someone doesn’t follow me home. how i don’t feel comfortable on an elevator alone with a man.
it’s about thinking about someone else besides  yourself and being conscious about how you may come off to others
so yes a+ jim
and  you can fuck right off

Sorry this is about a man realizing that we live in a rape culture and instead of whining that us stoppid wimins just need to protect ourselves or not be so scared or whatever he’s changing HIS behavior to be less threatening and less intimidating.

Reblogging for the commentary.







reasons why jim beaver is a+

Because women are weak and completely helpless right? fuck this post yo


Sorry this is about a man realizing that we live in a rape culture and instead of whining that us stoppid wimins just need to protect ourselves or not be so scared or whatever he’s changing HIS behavior to be less threatening and less intimidating.

Reblogging for the commentary.

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Melissa Harris-Perry’s open letter to Steubenville survivor

So much respect for that.

THIS is how news stations should be reacting to the Steubenville rape case. THIS is how everyone should be reacting.

Bravo, Melissa. Bravo.

She’s just amazing

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I’ve never asked anyone to reblog anything before, and I probably won’t again. But I am now - because this matters.

The Steubenville rape victim, when offered money for her legal expenses or counselling, asked that people donated to a shelter for abused women and children in her county,  Madden House, instead.

Her attorney spoke in a local news article on why the family wanted this, and said they hope very much that “the attention … can help other people that have been victimized by this type of crime,” Fitzsimmons said, “and give them some strength and some assurance that people are there to help them when that happens.”

You can donate as little as $2 via your Paypal account to Madden House. (You can also navigate their website from that link, to be sure it’s a charity you can also believe in.) When I donated back in January, they had a message up that said, “Every single cent says, ‘We believe you, and we care.’” They had to remove it almost at once. I’m sure you can deduce the reasons why, in a case where even her status as “victim” was challenged before the trial.

Madden House and the Family Violence Project helps anyone, men included, but they have a strong focus on families, and on low-income women, especially those from the African-American population.

The best way to show you support Jane Doe is to make a donation, however small and leave a Paypal note when you do saying “In the name of Jane Doe, Steubenville.” They are telling her how many people donate in her name so it’s a direct way of letting her know. Even if all you can afford is a dollar, a thousand Tumblr users donating that is a thousand dollars for abuse victims. And it’s also a thousand people telling her directly that they, unlike the likes of CNN and her erstwhile “friends”, care about her, support her, and believe in her. It’s what she has actually asked people to do. In a case where she has been so effectively silenced and sidelined, I think acknowledging she’s been heard is particularly important.

I think it says so much about this girl and her parents, that when met with offers of serious money they immediately asked that it went to a charity that helps other victims of violence instead. They are extraordinary people in my opinion, and that’s why she had the strength to come forward. Images of two other girls, naked and face down on that basement carpet, were found on a phone. The boy insisted he’d never seen them before, and had no idea who they were of. Jane Doe may well not have been speaking up only for herself. She has very possibly saved others with her courage. She deserves so much more respect than the mainstream media have given her.

If you can’t donate, I really do understand. I’ve been broke before too. But please, do reblog. Get the message out. There is a genuine, positive way to support the victim, in the way she has asked for, and this is it.

Sorry it’s so long. There are so many scams online that I wanted to provide ample links, so there can be no doubt this is legit. Please, if you can, donate/reblog. Show Jane Doe what you think of her.

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tw: rape


My mom said if this post gets 500,000 notes nothing will happen.

But if this petition gets 500,000 signatures we can get federal laws preventing rapists from suing for custody/visitation of their victim’s children.

You guys accomplished Operation Fluffy Chicken
How about putting in an effort to Operation We’re Finally Taking Rape Seriously?

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Content warning: non-graphic sexual abuse discussion.


Kayla Harrison Becomes First American Woman to Win Gold in Judo

Kayla Harrison won gold in Judoka half-heavyweight division (78kg) and while this accomplishment is a testament to her skill in her sport, her true strength is what it took her to get here. Harrison was a victim of sexual abuse for years by her first Judo coach - and a family friend - Daniel Doyle. Doyle is now now serving a ten year prison term for these crimes. She didn’t let this horror define her or take away her love for the sport. After Daniels sentencing, she moved to Boston and re-committed herself to her Olympic dream - winning gold. On her ordeal, Harrison says:

“Because of this taboo our society places on being the victim, I couldn’t look in the mirror and had no self-esteem. Now I can’t imagine not speaking up against that. It’s so wrong and I don’t want others to have to suffer what I did.

“I hope that, by coming out with my story, my past will help people’s futures,” she says. “That little boy or little girl. I want them to know it’s OK to come out and talk about it and find there’s help.

“I’ve had a lot of older people come up and say, ‘I read your story and I wished I had done something too’. You look in their faces and can see the regret, how it changed their lives and it makes you feel sad for them. Yet it just clinches the feeling in me, that I did the right thing.”

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